Wiggle Tails - XXL - Wide (6 Pack)

Fishon (Paolo Pacchiarini)

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The original wiggle tail by Paolo Pacchiarini is a great way of adding life-like action to your flies. It is a proven way of attracting predatory fish such as pike, bass, perch, large trout; you name it, and have resulted in many big catches throughout the world.

The advantage of the wiggle tail is twofold: the vibration from the tail stimulates the lateral line even during dark or muddy water conditions, and the flash from the tail mimics the scales of a fleeing baitfish and provides a visual cue.

The tails can be directly tied to the hook but benefit from being attached using an open snap (tied on hook)/closed snap (tied on tail) combo, which together allows for quick changes to a different coloured tail if the situation dictates. 

The XXL wiggle tail is an overall great choice for pike flies.

An instructional video describing how to attach wiggle tails to your flies can be found here.

Additional sizes and colours are on their way. If there is any specific color or size that you are looking but can't find please contact us.

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