Be a Guest Blogger at Rapax Fly Fishing

A big and very rewarding part of being a fly fisherman is sharing your expertise, techniques, travel destinations, experiences and other stories with your friends in the fly fishing community. This is what keeps our sport growing and the fuel that drives development and innovation in gear and other products that we so heavily rely upon forward.

Rapax Fly Fishing is therefore happy to offer a platform where you can share your stories and expertise as a guest blogger. There is no need for you being a professional writer.  We are looking for everyday fly fishermen and tyers with a passion for the sport and as long as you have a story to tell that fits within the suggested topics below we would be happy to consider it for publication at our blog.

Suggested Topics

Rapax Fly Fishing specializes in fly fishing for warm water species such as bass, pike, muskie, carp and panfish and your content should preferably fall within this scope.

Suggested topics therefore include: 

  • Fly Tying (e.g. share your pattern, instructions, and the materials needed for tying it)
  • Bass Fly Fishing (e.g. techniques, seasonal strategies etc.)
  • Pike Fly Fishing (e.g. techniques, seasonal strategies etc.)
  • Carp Fly Fishing (e.g. techniques, seasonal strategies etc.)
  • Fly Fishing Travel and Destination Stories
  • Product Reviews 

Article Details and Terms and Conditions

  • Articles should generally be between 300-1000 words but we would certainly consider publishing both shorter and longer posts depending on content.
  • The blog post must be an original piece and not previously published on any other site or in print.
  • Please include pictures or photos with your article. Pictures should ideally have dimensions of at least 1024px x 640px and be of good quality but we will help you to resize your images if necessary. 
  • All articles submitted will be reviewed, edited and chosen based upon content, quality and overall suitability for publication at and we express the right to decline any content.
  • All articles and associated content chosen for publication will be the property of Rapax Fly Fishing and may not be re-published anywhere else without expressed written consent.
  • We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time.

How to Submit an Article

If you have a piece of original content that you would like considered for publication at our blog please submit it to together with a short bio.